6 Dec 2018

Pathways in French! Storytelling on my feet and points

1. Storytelling about Pathways in French, Saturday 4 pm EST, late evening for me, one hour telling stories in French! It will be all the French-speaking members of D81, which is Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Saint Martin. 

Any of you speak French? Ready to participate? Be in my team? Answer Pathways Topics? 

2. Yesterday, I gave my Storytelling tale about "Gratitude" to my father. "He persuaded me that Persistence pays when I was 12 years old, persistence helped me with Pathways this 20 month: I just got a Pathways DTM award! You know what DTM means? Don't Time Me, while the bell telling me I am too long rang. It did get a huge laughter, so we could almost not hear the bell any more!

3. DCP Points from TMI Dashboard : CL or DTM same award 

Witty Storytellers Online club (I am this year it's President), in line 5 is my Distinguished Toastmasters registered for DCP points of the club: it is either a DTM or a CL ! This does put me on my place. As I have decided a while ago, no more CL ! so... I had to finish a Pathways DTM, didn't I ? 

Of course, in plus, for TMI there is no different between a Traditional or Pathways DTM, and also, as I wrote already, no one can be Distinguished Square Toastmaster. 

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