7 Dec 2018

First and youngest Pathways DTM

Presenting to District 81 Toastmasters through Zoom, Mark Snow, the first Pathways DTM offered a wonderful presentation.

We heard how he begun in January 2017, with the first Pilot District, because of his impatience. And that at some time, like me, he was in seven more more clubs at the same time. 

His first path, Visionary Communication, his preferred project from it the Level 1 Evaluation and feedback: learning to offer a speech again, and give specific feedback. He also explained the reasons he found for Level 2 speeches and not only the joy to choose between the Level 3 electives but how much Speaking about Change helped him also in his professional life. 

We heard many times, how much his professional life, outside toastmasters was improved, since he begun the different Projects of pathways. Many details and many related to what he does, too. Not only is Mark Snow the youngest but also the first recognized finally as Pathways DTM. And I asked him at the end (even if I suspected the answer) how many path did he finish so far? I finished ten path, he answered. Still, it is the Visionary Communication, about change management, vision in my life, that is my preferred.

 Mark created many pages and the great pdf called Pathways Companion. This page is one of them, the road to DTM. What I did not observe till he remarked, that some leadership roles are "Club extension" others are "club support". Also, I did not know, that for fulfill the Club Officer, we can even be officer for 6 month at same time of two different clubs! A different role in each club. In all of course, it has to add up to 12 month.

It does seem, I am not sure if it is still true, that we have for the moment 12 Pathways DTM - am I the 12th? As he is the youngest, I am the oldest. So far. 

From his presentation, it was clear he was a impatient, gourmand as me of pathways, now went down to less clubs and become gourmet. As me. Savoring the projects. Mark understood that Pathways not only offers us new modern skills that we can learn and apply, but in general a lot of Learning by doing, by reflecting, getting feedback, applying.

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