5 Dec 2018

Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster Award!

I just discovered yesterday evening, the DTM between my lasts awards (here my three clubs)
Let me be modest? DTM is just a line between others between my many Pathways Awards.
But yesterday afternoon, I also got this letter:
Curiosity lead me to my Awards inside TMI welcome Julie! and here it is what I find: the DTM is dated November 23, 2018 and recognized for Witty Storytellers Online, before and after the Team Collaborations Level 1 for Lewisham Club, and Level 2 for Global Training Online.

Here is how I obtained the Pathways DTM

Paths: Visionary Communication and Leadership Development
DTM Project: Pathways Story-swap and Pathways Story Topic happenings with a Team
Sponsor of Global Trainers Online, chartered September 2017. 
Club Coach for Royal Road Toastmasters who got President Distinguished in June. 
District role: Pathways Ambassador of District 91 with ten clubs. 
Club role: VPE of Witty Storytellers Online for a year. 
All earned all of them inside the period since I begun Pathways, 20 month ago 

Remember? I published this a while ago, when I was not yet there!

Let us look at it with Witty eyes: 
  • All is relative in life. in the DCP points DTM is equivalent with a... CL (line 5)
  • I was DTM 2013 and it does not exist DTM square
  • What DTM means? could be... Do Not time Me ; indeed! we like to speak, a lot
Tonight, my Lewisham Speakers club has a Speaker-ton for its 10 year anniversary, the theme is Being Thankful : there are so many Toastmasters I own this DTM !
Brian, from Royal Roads TM, who observed that Matt got into Pathways remote access at Great Communicators, Pilot District 27, and the President, Nathan who registered me a Sunday! And their willingness for us to speak in any club we can during the first months. my three other remote access clubs, where I joined, too, each for different reasons.

My mentor, Matthew, who was there without asking many time he felt I needed.

And, so so many others, I will not put here as it will not help to read it more easy.
All the online clubs, at some time 7 but also a few pre-charter clubs and even some online clubs where I am not member welcomed me to speak each time I needed. 

PS. Now I am down to "only" three paid clubs, but continue to visit many others each week.

What is sure, I did not achieve my Pathways DTM alone, I own it to so many who helped ! Throughout this 20 month, I got to know so many wonderful people, this contact is the most I gained.

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