8 Dec 2018

Soon, one hour Pathways Stories in French

In the same cycle of events, the District 81 from the Caribbean Islands, who has many of its members in French speaking clubs, asked me to organize an similar one hour event in French.

It is never too late! 

Remain Connected, remain informed. The event will begin at 4 pm EST meaning at 9 PM London time. in a few hours. I succeeded to gather a team, all French speaking, great toastmasters, and we will do it together.

I hope, after I will be able to tell about the Successful Collaboration between us! Even if, speaking of my blog, this morning, I told: when something goes well I can write about it, when there is a problem, too. The real story is ongoing, once up once down, and we can learn from both. Just as Mark said, learn the lessons. Improve. Apply new skills. 

From this morning, I was just reminded of a rule I learned ten years ago: do not change the beginning and end, well prepared, even if a "wonderful new idea pops up in last minute". Not only I went too long, but I even forgot my story punch line! It does not happen often with me. One subject is enough, not mix three. And so on. 

I prepared French slides, not I have to rehearse again. And remain with the intended beginning! Not change it last minute. Two wonderful French speaking toastmasters will help and do their part, I hope, beside some facts about Pathways we will able to demo also pathways storyswap! 

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