27 Dec 2018

"Then and now" on Lorraine on Change

Lorraine Taylor, come and told us a story of Change, that we all could think about this end of year.

What was, what is?
What changed and what not?
What we welcome as remaining same?

Many questions we can also ask about ourselves, after listening to her telling us about her life! I for sure, will do write down my own "remained same and changed" list. Listen to her below. Told as guest speaker at Witty Storytellers.

Visionary Communication Level 4 Communicating Change: Now and then, Lorraine Taylor

Stories have been here for ages and will remain, the impact of stories do not change! The impact of personal stories are even stronger. The importance how we tell them remains too. And so many other stuff! 

Human nature perhaps changes, but so little bit! We feel that everyone and all things change around us and on our appearance, and of course they do. Our hair goes from almost black to white, from smooth to wrinkled, we grow up and have children then grand children who from tiny begin to grow and then one day we look up at them. Inside, we change a lot less and even at old age we may feel very young. 

Change is here and it is normal, necessary, but also the things they remain constant. Let us embrace both. 

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