11 Dec 2018

Video from my Presentation en Français, text in English

A compelling blog? Write for a month, at least 8 posts, then speak about for 2-3 minutes.

My presentation, in French, and interventions from Dunstanette and Dieneba, also in French and observations from toastmasters from different islands in Caribbean Islands was about 50 minutes including discussions - I show bellow only about 8 minutes of it, yes, in French. 

All was interesting, even if more informal then my usual presentations. I loved the open reaction of all present! I publish just a bit from my stories, as this is an English blog.

Listening, looking at the whole meeting again, I realized the experience was a lot more then half full! It was almost like a conference in itself. 
At the beginning, the part I did not record, we presented each other, told each our experience or inexperience to Pathways. 

In the end, we hold almost a conference, lead by Dunstanette "now what"? 

Each from my team, not only came and was present, and helped for the two days, once in English and once in French, but also spoke and with passion. Contributed very positive to our meeting. Of course, not did I fulfill with it my "prepare a special meeting" but all of us, some project goals we where just on, even if the real goal was to help and not get a point.

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