18 Dec 2018

Where to find answers? Reflex: Tutorials! Resources!

It is true, it takes time to get used to it: the very useful Tutorials and Resources has to be accessed hovering on the name then under it, and a click on the grey text on white appearing. With time, I still hope, this will be changed. But it is worth the effort to go!
What we do find there, once we get to it? 
  • Tutorials 
   - Tutorial Quick Reference Guides as 1 incorporated now with the Icebreaker ! 
   - Tutorial Videos, short and very well done too
  • Evaluation Resources (forms) in many languages available from all the projects ! and fillable all
  • Resource Documents are all those used in plus of manuals of Project descriptions (ex. Outline)
  • Project Descriptions of all the Projects
  • The Navigator for Basecamp in many languages
  • Frequently Asked Questions (a few answers) and
  • Base Camp Glossary

Today, as someone did the Active Listening, and there was a discussion, what is involved in it, the Project Description come very handy and I found it, copied it and could show.
Of course, in plus Active Listening begins with A and was at the top. Still, I had to click then Launch it for the description to open. Very well explained, after I did and I could copy and paste the description in a chat so all could see what the TT Master in this Projects has to do and how, explained by an example. 

And here are some of FAQ explained
With time, we will have more of them. I find funny but probably useful too, to see "using Resources on Base Camp" explained inside the Resources! As I see, there are more then one place where Base camp Verification and Approval is explained. 

I have to admit to you, did not yet read all what is available yet, even if I begin to have to have the reflex to use the Tutorials and Resources more and more often

Taking time to discover what is available may save us a lot of time!


Unknown said...

Good basic introduction to this rich resource that is under utilized.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information Julie. Take care