9 Dec 2018

Surprise! Non expected! Need to be flexible.

What IS the surprise? Well I prepared for a few days for presenting pathways in French to a French audience. We formed a team of French speaking Toastmasters. What we found tonight, at 9 pm is suddenly other then me and my team, no one know French!

Flexible, finally I presented in English and three others, "team" swapped also Pathways memories in English! I was ready for many things, not that the date was mixed up and those from French clubs arrive... Tomorrow.
This is what I explained, plus why chose and how path. I used my last English presentation. But of course, if I knew... I could have tweaked that one too. Alas, no one asked any question and most come, were there but not opened their video. 

We do what we can. What I CAN do is not expect anything going well tonight, then, perhaps, something will go well. We'll see.

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