15 Dec 2018

Some things depend on us & Managing Difficult Audiences

When I begun Pathways, I thought all the problems I had were because of its user interface was awful, and they should have done it better. I could not get used to some of its features, till my son did not come and showed me, how easy it is to Open a window bigger, how I can as my Safari browser to open every popup or link in a NEW TAB. It changed my life and my view of the Base Camp!

Some things did depend on me! 

These I show you here are new discoveries, I made only yesterday. 

I do usually make my main window a bit smaller then the whole screen of my Macintosh, to see some pictures and some main folders at left and right. I also look at the content of all text with bigger letters, then I do not have to use my eyeglasses. 

Here it is what happened yesterday. I opened a project, my next one: Managing Difficult Audience and begun to study it.
Click on Begin brown button (or magenta?) worked to take me to the next page.

No problem.

The problem begun at the next page!

Here is what I found. The introduction was there. And now? How I go next? 

Then suddenly I remembered! My son told me to use CMD - and Cmd + to make what is inside the window bigger or smaller. This time I needed to use cmd and - to get this:
The arrows leading me at the beginning and at right to the next page appeared! and at the bottom the select to move to another section too. 

The left and right grey arrows work well to take us from page to page, till we arrive to the Self Assessment - Before (and After) where we have to move with More or Next! Aie!

Then what it that Select to move to another section? Many month I did not understand or use this one. But then I realized, that in almost all Projects those section lead to same pages available in all. Lead us there directly!

Here are the sections! Beside Introduction to jump back to the beginning, Your Assignment tells us what we are supposed to do, explains our tasks. Assess your skills-before, are questions to ponder where we stand before we begin to be able later to compare where we arrived when we have done all the tasks. Competences, personally I do not care for, but I was told they are very important for the corporate world. 

How to manage a Difficult Audience is specific to this Project, where I am supposed to have a role play and interrupted by 4 or 5 role player toastmasters. After Complete your Assignment, is a page called always Your Evaluation. 

Indeed, I can download or Print my Evaluation form for the project there. I do not use if for it! 

I use it to ask Print my Project, then save the PDF to my computer. 

This is what I get and when my ink and printer work well print it in plus saving. 

Managing a difficult audience is a fun project! I prepare 7 minutes and have 15 minutes in all as I am interrupted. Judged not how or what I delivered, but how well, professionally I handled the interruptions. Here is the special page I will give the VPE to distribute, without me knowing it the roles played my my fellow members. Each has the right to interrupt me, once but at any moment of my speech.
I have already done this project once, it was a lot of fun as some members played really well and with enthusiasm their roles. Arguing, chattering, interrupting. As to me, used to Standup Comedy after 77+ appearance, learned to handle well the hackers!

After that arrives Assess Your Skills-After, very important to answer to all questions and NOT use the right big arrow till all where answered and the SAVE come out. Once I saved that one, I also signal to my Base Camp, I did complete ALL the Tasks of this Project. 

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