29 Dec 2018

User Interface Improvement. Tiny? Important!

The most annoying feature in the user interface, that did not go into my automatic muscle, was that we had to HOVER UNDER the titles that seemed buttons, for the real, grey buttons under them to appear.

I was enchanted to discover, I just had to go over the Home (or Tutorial and Resources) titles inside Red and under, the Home on White, which is the Real button did appear! Reminding me where to go.

Before, by mistake, I did click on Home, and it happen to me often, nothing happened. Now look what happened, when I did or even, later tried and just hovered over the Home inside the red.

It may seem to some as a tiny improvement, but for me it is a big step in the right direction. Thanks to the new team listening, they begun to tackle, one by one the annoying features.

Now I am sure, we are going in the good direction! It will take time, and alas we discover the new features by chance almost, they are not announced on TMI site.
What we do with Home? we go back to the root inside Base Camp, so we can change path if we have more then one active. 

What we do with Tutorials and Resources? We have a lot of short wonderful information in them. I really suggest anyone who did not go in their discovery, to spend some time there:  you will gain time and understand better how Basecamp works also. 

Check Compatibility, we need not often, at the beginning, and sometimes as the system we use on our computer changes on us. 

Today, 29 December, I am happy with this tiny improvement, which for me it is huge! As I go over the Titles, under them where I have to click appears!

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