19 Dec 2018

How and when we get the Mentor program?

That was one of the questions asked in the Pathways Discussion Forum. For me, it had happened so long time ago to arrive, the first time at least to Level 3 that I did not remember any more. Of course, I jumped to the Tutorials, then Launched the video.

The video explained fast and clean "how to access the Pathways Mentor Program and where we will find it, as we arrive at Level3. 

As for me, after doing the first two parts of it, did stop for the moment at the 6 month part and decided for the moment to archive the program.

When I will find a "match" a real one that I find we can work for six month together, I can take it back, read again. Finish it.
As for the answer, it came in this page, the Pathways mentor Program comes up in the Suggested Education rectangle, where usually is nothing, near the my education transcript rectangle, where the latest paths, classes, etc are showed. The one I do not use any more. I am too used to click on "My Education Transcript" blue square. 

What I realize more and more, that we should LOOK with more attention what we got, before we ask questions in the Pathways Discussion Forum. It is great to help others, but it would be best to teach the members to rely in themselves. Ask only when really they can not more find answers!

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