1 Dec 2018

Storytelling, by examples

A year ago the Storyswap with onsite and online attendees
I decided, that rather then "tell" about what IS a story, give some examples of it. How better tell about story then with stories?

Today I offer you a treat of very different stories, each will open up in a tab, so you could come back. Storytelling from this blog. Most are not special "pathways" some where done for a pathways project, the oldest one, Mistaken identity is one of my favorite stories.

The stories bellow, you can access through a link each in a different TAB. 

I left also the whole link, so if you want you can copy them and share each one separately.

1. Paths and storytelling: two different path leading to a storyswap 

2. Three stories from 15 Storyswap organized by Paul E White and me
Misako tells us online, standing up online
Paul from Virginia Storyswap
Julie sitting, through Zoom online
Three different tales  told 2 December 2017 and different styles to enjoy

3. Breakfast in bed, by Julie
That is a story I should tell a few times, and make it each time better. But even like this...

4. What storytelling can teach us, Doug Lipman a master storyteller in TEDx

a story told on stage during the time so many lost their work, during financial crisis 
It was the first time audience laughed and laughed as I told a story in Canal Café Theatre and it was after that that and I decided to study Standup Comedy (make them laugh when I want)

Why and how I have chosen that DTM Project: that is not a story I will have to put it into a story. In fact, when I told part of it online, I did.

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