23 Dec 2018

What was good for me? What did I learn?

May I ask..? What was good for you, on this journey and what did you learn? 

Lotsa love and congratulations from South Africa!” 
Brian V More

Can his question be answered, inside a short post? 

What was good for me on my journey, and even what I learned, all of them are already, mostly in this blog articles. 580 articles. I cannot ask Brian to read all of them, at once. Here, I will try to concentrate them. 

I have recently told some of it through my latest stories, speeches told online. Not so easy, as there were many great things along my twenty month journey, so far. 

The most important were all the great toastmasters I met and continue to meet. Those who helped me, those with whom we helped each other mutually, those I helped. Those who offered an advice, a feedback, and those who send me a note with whom much my help was useful for them. Those who created useful tools and shared them, those who let change be inspired by what they creat d, those who improved on the tools I created and shared. Those who wrote about our encounter and those who let me write about them. All those with passion to get Pathways going, knowing, expanding.

Becoming more then ever a part of a Tribe, bigger tribe, more global tribe.

As Pathways rolled out, from Region to Region, different Toastmasters come to my blog and later, to the Pathways Discussion Forum I moderated from day one. As it happened I was able to find ways to counsel and help, and get to know yet others. 

I learned from Toastmasters and I learned from the Projects in my paths. 

While I loved most from the five paths finished so far, the two I used for the DTM application. Visionary Communication, all about change management and the Leadership Development, mostly organising events. Of course, there is more about them and myself, and how to, i discovered on my way through them. 

The last project of Level 1 in Visionary Communication, Research and Presenting, determined all I did from then on. I decided to research what I was interested in then: the Transition to Pathways. Transition combined with Pathways Education system. In my way. Not only reading, interviews but also experimenting. Living it. As I know a real research is done. 

After so many paths. levels and Projects, blog posts and workshops, I am still continuing doing the same that started with this Project. Research with experiential doing, reflections on it, never ended. We are still on to the transition that I was open to, and experienced embracing and leading it in some ways, with all its ups and downs along the way. 

I did it my way, as a Frank Sinatra song says.

Through my third finished path, Leadership Development, I did MY WAY a lot more, personalized my paths and my projects "more my way". Together with the second Pilot District, 27 from Virginia USA, chief ambassador Paul E. White, one of the most fabulous Storytellers I ever met, him, through web, we decided to create together, and each using our teams, a Storytelling Event, in about six month time. An event, combining 15 onsite Storytellers and online Storytellers. In plusWe decided, to give a theme, a direction to our path, different for him as to me, to the theme of Personal Storytelling and how important and lingering it can be

Paul begun his Icebreaker with the fascinating story of his birth and survival. mine was told in a family surrounding of our common ancestors, my great grandmother childhood. We continued, sharing our stories and preparing the Storyswap festival prep with each other. Fascinating times and memories! Successful interesting event. 

Those were some of the learnings and joys. Tomorrow I will try to tell some short tales about some of the projects that were were useful and / or delightful to me along my paths.

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