22 Dec 2018

I did not do THAT : the letter with the DTM Plaque

I am still very happy the beautiful golden Distinguished Toastmaster plaque arrived. 

But... or And?

I did not open the letter that come with it, till today. 


That is not what I did, not me! Not for a Pathways DTM !
Do you see and read what I do in the second paragraph? 

"You have completed both the leadership and communication tracks

I did NOT I did NOT! I did not complete any tracks! I completed two paths instead. The date of the letter is 22 November 2018, it would be time for the letters, even if they come from far away providers (mine come from Maryland) should be refreshed, a new text added. Is it so difficult to replace a phrase? 

I understand that they are not many working at the headquarters  and there are many documents to upgrade and change. Still, it grates when we receive a letter like this.

Even more, when I did not have in 2016 my second DTM because I decided : no more leadership track, no more CL manual completed by me ever! I am very proud the two tracks are no more there in Pathways, and we learn a lot more in the paths where they are blended. When one can not separate them any more, other then an a legacy letter.


Brian Moore said...

Congratulations, Julie.

I am from D74 - in Southern Africa. We have only recently started Pathways here. (March 2018.)

Whether your letter from TMI is correct, or not, you are inspiring a new World of Toastmasters.

And I am also sure that there will be more mistakes on the way.

Perhaps a direct communication with TMI, and a celebration of your achievement will be more motivational.

May I ask..? What was good for you, on this journey and what did you learn?

Lotsa love and congratulations from South Africa!

Well done! Well done!

Brian V Moore
VP PR Speakeasy Toastmasters - Durban
Club Coach - Speak to Lead Toastmasters - Durban

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

First answer is in Sunday's post next will be in Monday

Unknown said...

There are still some references I see circulating that say "Governor" for a district leadership role. There have been a few years since that change and they were still in California for most of that time.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Well, for some Herăstrău That was The mame, now îs Director, Docs not mater.