17 Dec 2018

Read, Do, Reflect : again and again about Teams

In three of my four path I work on now, create a "Team" or work with a team was before me. I almost got confused by them. Each has its different slant, but all are around how to approach working with a team. Sharing goals, solve a problem, collaboration, in one of them, still have to give a speech about how it went. 

Invite a small team. I did. Meet. OK, done. Apply to small scale project. Done. 

I had two different projects and teams at the same time.

One was my team for the DTM project, flexible in time. The first milestones were reached, meetings done, a page created. Alas, I did not listen there enough either: have a relatively small time so you do not overuse them. I believed, as we 'have the same dream" we collaborate, and we could lead, each on our turn. I lead, got the DTM Project finished, one milestone with 8 story swaps or Table topic stories about Pathways was reached. Now, it was turn to others from my team to lead. I did not figure out, December is not best time, none of them ready to take over. 

My dream and project continues. I could do it alone? Not well, as making it known more broadly depended to continue longer but most important, on skills I do not have myself. 

Another project, with only two others, speaking French, went better as collaboration goes as we had specific date. They come next day too because it was needed. Great collaboration because very limited? Important was that it went well. 

For the projects, most of them at least, those not inside level 5 required where six month is needed at least, we read "limited time" we read "small group": did I read it well? 

Well, from now on, I will know. I did experience it. Fixed time is better. Not use too much of the team members time and energy is preferred. Cut the long time goals into smaller, manageable parts. Lesson learned. For next time. 

That is how we learn and grow. Far beyond a speech or a role, the new Education program, Pathways is a wonderful tool to teach us new skills. 

What is not supposed to be, is having too many path at almost same but slightly different projects! Here what I had before me! Plus, finish the DTM project and be club President.

1. Motivate a team, for a project then speak of your experience in the Motivational Strategies Level 4. I will gather a team for a Humour Workshop in my club. Motivate them and create the meeting, then describe how it went later. 

2. Create a small team and a meeting and describe how it went in a meeting, for Leadership Development Level 3. Done, in French. 

3. Successful Collaboration, done also, for my DTM Project and beyond. But I think, I still have to describe the team experience, after my reflection about it. So, this one is only "almost done", from the Team Collaboration path. Beyond the "teams" the projects after that will be different from path to path. Electives, I do choose. Less confusion.
Finally I bought Strategic Relationship, no 'team" problem there: I have to prepare an Icebreaker, which will be about what I did last year and my intentions for 2019. Preparing for it, I discovered an improved Icebreaker linked to Tutorials! (see yesterday's and perhaps even tomorrow's blog article).

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