4 Dec 2018

“I am VPE, but still on the Traditional Program” Jason

Jason Thomson and Julie Kertesz zooming together - both from London
Years ago, I created with three others from Northern Trust, my first Sponsorship of a club, that we created in just three month. London the club he is now VPE of. Jason was also President, then Area Director of the club we were together for years, and I still am.

Here is the video of our discussion. Many VPE have similar questions these days.

Many useful questions, posed and answered.

We met yesterday noon, when he finally realized, he does need to know a bit, to be able to help the members in his club already on Pathways.  30 minutes useful discussions then for 3 last minutes Jason opens my blog and shares his screen. First time, but I bet not last time, he used Zoom.

For everyone who is Base Camp Manager but did not get yet to discover Pathways.

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