25 Jun 2017

3 month ago exactly, I begun Pathways

I had been REP then Pathways Ambassador from the beginning, years ago, and tried to learn something to tell about to my clubs. Instead, I told about Smedley's Education program, starting with his Basic Training book that I have and the current CC and it's firsts projects.

It was good enough for the new toastmasters and all the guests. It was not enough for me. I yearned to know more. When I heard that some had access to try Pathways I rushed to ask them "I did not have time for that" was the answer most of the time, or "we did not have a lot of access".

Well, if he does not come to me, I go to him! As soon as I heard the first Pilot districts had it, me and Brian, our Witty Storytellers Online Treasurer, as passionate as me, begun to plot and look around. What can we do? Join a club in D57 or D27. As for me, D27 part of Washington DC and Virginia was "home"! I have lived there for more then three years, and as my daughter never left, went back often.

The 25 March, three month ago, I joined Great Communicators. I was on Pathways! I run to open it.

It bombed.

Well, I am persistent and used to beta versions, as I am an early adapter. "Is it my browser, Safari?" I reboot my Macintosh laptop and opened Google's Chrome. Yes! It did open and gave me again the option of Navigator Box / Chose your Path / Base Camp. Later I installed Java Script, made sure all allows popups, and it works now not only on Safari but in all my other devices too. But as it was the Navigator that crashed, for weeks I did not touch it.

I begun by opening and chosing my path.

I did not chose the first offered but the third: Presentation Manager. At that time I told myself, at 82 I do not want to learn about leadership, let me improve more my speeches. Then I decided, after all let me try two path, Visionary Communication too, speak and convince many. Added to it later, Effective Coaching, more one to one help as I do often but can always improve. As I did not have a printer, I ordered a printed copy of Presentation Manager 10 days later, soon, I will get it.

I begun to work on the Visionary Communication path three month ago. I studied the project and gave my speech then had to wait to be approved by the Base Camp Manager.

What I hate the most from Pathways, is that a team at TMI Headquaters decided to put us in boxes.
We can not read what comes next, what is in the other levels, till we do not finish one. We see the titles, could even read in Path and Projects a few words about them, but it is not enough. I do think, many are like me, want to see the path farther ahead of us. I hope, it will change. We are not at elementary school! I really hope that decision will change and we will be able to read what is ahead of us.

1977 to 1980 I did live in Rockville Md worked in Bethesda 
As I advance, I do with more and more joy.

I did learn new ways of looking at preparing a speech, new ways of how we communicate and lead and of researching each time deeper. Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new things!

Never too late! I feel at "home" in DC and around it still today, lived there and go often back as my daughter never left. In three month, I also made new friends in Virginia.

What I love the most from my Path so far was this blog. I did not realise how much I missed writing day by day. For three years, I stopped. I love to share and take you on my journey, it seems many of you do like to come with me too. Thank you Geni! 

She evaluated this blog, when I arrived at Level 4 from New Zealand, but I got a few messages from many different places. Mexico, California, Malaysia, etc Some of most frequent readers come from. And as to today, the Post more read. 

Of course, it also depends how much I spoke about it into a FB group.
I am now going very soon to begin my Level 5 projects of Visionary Communication and at the same time begun Effective Coaching path Level 1 : today will be soon my first "free speech" : of course, about my pathways journey. Today, it will be celebration of my three month so full so well spend.

Very happy three month, filled day by day, with Pathways projects all all the research around them! We get what we put in. One can rush through or go deep in. Take time to get to know. As with the path in our life, much depends on us.

As for me, I learned a lot about Change and communicating it, organised a special online meeting about Pathways, begun to offer help about how to use it, but I see now some events in my life with different understanding. Never too late! 

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