23 Jun 2017

A Panel Discussion?

It does not seem that they let me connect to the very interesting panel about Pathways, tomorrow.

What to do?

I will be very soon on level 5 of Visionary Communication. I found out that one of the Selective is "Moderate a Panel Discussion"

Yes! Instead of just being a Panelist, I will moderate one. Find an organiser, or organise one myself - online! But...

I can not (yet) read or look, at what is suggested under this title in the level 5 Electives Project, till I do not finish level 4. Aie!

What I have of course, it is a general description of all the projects, here it is for this project.
I really think it is a mistake not to let us read or glimpse farther till we are "inside" a level.

Is it really? Well,  I did learn, at Level 1 to Research a subject I do not know about, or know little. I really do not know much about how to Moderate a panel. Did not assist either to many of them.

I googled this morning and found a lot more material that even Toastmasters International Pathways Project can offer. Of course, soon I will also study it inside of level 5. But for the moment...

One of the finding where 7 videos by Kristin Amold, the 2d speak about the Role of Moderator.

And here it is a 'panel discussion in Toastmasters Video Series' - perhaps not the most animated but short and very well filmed, from Toastmaster Time TV, Panel Discussion, at 9/8/2015

Other then this video, I found pages and pages of interesting information about Panel and Moderating a Panel, and I just begun.

An Online Panel will not look like this serious business creators or informal from a school, but wonderful, so much to learn!

My great grandmother Paula, told me again and again "from bad thing arriving something good arises": she was so right!
Instead of being a Panelist or Audience, I will now learn how to Moderate a Panel discussion.

I have already begun to study, ponder. Soon, I will Moderate a Panel Discussion about Pathways!

Do you want to participate? Let me know.
As panelist knowing something about it? As audience asking questions?

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