13 Jun 2017

Dear readers: here it is about YOU

Want to know from where you come to visit and read this blog? 

On my Macintosh, I could see "2300" total visits : wonderful! I just discovered that Blogspot, Google Analytics, gives me a lot more information!

Here are last week from where I got readers, "pageviews" by countries.

All over Australia and United states (light green), with a dark green from where more come. It seems to me towards where Pathways is already on pilot, around Virginia and California. A lot of interest and visitors also from UK and Ireland. I count them together even if we are now D 91 and D 71.

I do know many of my Canadian, Malaysia and Germany visitors, but Thailand was a pleasant surprise, as was Belgium and Australia. 

And here is how different pages views are seen by day, week or month as I chose. 

And yet another view by posts looked at commented to most, last week.

This one from last stats shows what where the last weeks more read posts. 

It will help me to write perhaps similar one's or remember different ways I showed them to get more interest. Some perhaps because of title? Or the front image?

Then it can be discovered even what kind of browser was used and what device! 

At least 1/3 is Macintosh with Safari, but surprise! 38 mobile devices: my flexible blog setting accommodates them too. Even the iPads or iPhones as well divers Android devices. I am happy to have chosen Blogspot and this Theme that works as well all the way from big screen to small mobile phones.

It does not exactly shows the same way, adopting. On my iPhone, I can read the note, the main note and do not see the side board, so perhaps less easy to navigate to read in disorder the title that attracts you. But all devices and navigators can be used, that is the most important.

A great pleasure to have readers, followers!

Welcome all!

Soon I hope you will be coming back again and again, from so many places and through so many devices! Yes, I am very happy I have chosen Blogspot as blogging platform, and from it this flexible way to show posts depending on the size of your device.

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