1 Jun 2017

Using our voice, playing with it can be fun

I could of course, tell my own story and let the voice take care of itself, as my sentiments come out when I feel in the "moment" of telling a tale.

My next telling, I have the project of Voice Variety, from the level 3 of Pathways electives, and how many different ways we can tell. I chose this book I discovered first when I my grandkids where small. They loved it! I still love this story a lot, an inverse rescue and folk tale modernised.

Lately, I was really happy to discover that in 1980 the author, Robert Munsch, told it himself! With the right places exaggerated, tone pitch etc changed to the kids. So I will try to learn it or read it or both.

I know, my pace is not to bad and my pauses either, and from time to time I succeed to use another level down my voice for a man's voice too, but "tone"? I never thought of it really how much it can convey emotion! In the project, they propose you try "Grand-mother is coming Friday" in different ways.
Secret, joy, dread, panic, excitement, and so one.

Instead, you can use "My grandmother is coming today" and use anyone you know instead of grandmother (mother in law, daughter, a friend or...) and try to see how many ways, just by adding a feeling behind, the words seem so different.

I am happy I have chosen voice variety! Can play with telling same things in different ways. At age 83 (almost) become childish - be like a child again.

I already have my place: telling it at Witty Birds meeting next week. Here are all the online 100% clubs I can visit and ask for a speaking place, some I go regularly, others less often.

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