26 Jun 2017

Evaluation and Feedback? --> Learning from them

Evaluation and Feedback could be called "Learning from Feedback", because some think at this stage they should just give an evaluation. Inside it in fact three tasks are hidden.

1. Give a speech - any speech. (Of course, a better one would have been better from me, yesterday) and listen carefully, to feedback. Learn to get feedback. Learn to reflect on it. I did that yesterday.

2. Give the improved speech, using the evaluations.

3. Offer a useful specific feedback, yet another time.

I got yesterday, after my speech, a round in the text box feedback and at first,

I always delighted in the positive ones.
Wonderful speech Julie :-) Inspiring us into new pathways . Lorraine, Dubai

Every time I read one of your blogs I get more enhusiastic about Pathways. I think I am getting to the time when I would like to start my own Pathways Journey :-) Geni, NZ

Julie has a beautiful way of sharing her challenge; Julie thank you for your blog, great, Carole, AU

Great speech Julie, Olga Russia

Julie. You are a "Pathfinder" This is why I joined Firebirds. I now know more about pathways. Bruce, South Africa

Of course, those were a pleasure to read. I thought: yeah! I am great. It did not last long. 
Then, come the other ones with suggestions or critic:
Nice speech Julie... Love to hear your voice variation show more intonation to share meaning. But love the ideas in your speech. Murray, Melbourne, AU

You are improving in delivering your speeches, you are definitely learning new things in Pathways. I missed your usually personal story. You gave it as just the facts. Brian Dodd - Victoria, Canada 

If you want us to like the new educational program, and use it after using for 30 year another, do not tell anything negative about it. Your title was confusing. Your aim not very clear. Not enough specifics. Harvey, Florida 

Stop! Stop! Stop!

OK. Let me take them slowly, one by one. As it is suggested, learn to take feedback

1. True, the title was confusing, the one on the program. I did change it later but not on agenda. A title has to be very intriguing or very clear on the intent. Will change it!

2. Voice variation will be taken care of itself, as soon as I will tell a story in the moment, instead of just facts. I do have to find a personal story to explain those three month's gain.

3. While it is not true that the educational program did not change in 45 last years, to some it seems indeed thus. Pathways, online is a great change for some, indeed. Or for all of us?

Tell more specifics? In seven minutes? Not to tell anything negative? Then be proven wrong? How can I tell a story without problems and pitfalls? 

After the meeting, I reflected which of those feedbacks I could satisfy and how. After a while, the idea arrived to me. I will tell about why writing day to day blog is so important for me. 

Why and when I stopped, all the problems I had in my life and not with Pathways. 

And then, how in which way Pathways changed my life, gave me something "outside" Toastmasters. Outside? 

Do I have a life "outside"? Not so much. 

But yesterday, only one hour after the online club meeting, I went to a photowalk with another elderly photographer pal. Brick Lane in London, a very old part of London, with its narrow streets, is always full of posters and many very different people. 

I proved to myself also I can still walk. Even at 83 and even with leg that hurts at times. And I was not the only one old on street.

Now I will prove that I can still tell a story, and not just facts one after other. Adding negative to them, does not make it a story. And yes, I will be more personal. Yet, it will also tell how much Pathways impacted my life "outside". 

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