14 Jun 2017

What IS a blog?

A few weeks ago, I was frustrated: could not get farther then Level 1 of Pathways.

I begun Pathways toward 25 March eager to discover more about it. As Pathways Ambassador I heard a bit, but did not experience it. So happy to be able, now that I was member of a club in the Pilot District 27! Retired, D.T.M. and almost 83 now, I have a lot of time, and I wanted to discover something new.

While waiting to get farther and read what is in level 2, I discovered that at level 4 I will be able elect "Creating a blog: write 8 posts at least in a month". Why wait?

Write about what? 

Of course, about my Pathways Experience as I go, a personal diary focused on the new educational program I was discovering and enjoying; sometimes frustrated, too.

By 1st of June, I had begun to have regular readers who enjoyed what I was writing while progressing.

But what IS a "BLOG" ? 
An easy platform, ready with frames and themes: you "just" have to write in order to publish. About yourself, about a subject, about what you like.

I wanted to publish my diaries, a bit more then 20 years ago, it was not easy to create a Web-site! I discovered BLOGGER at age 70 (now from Google). At the beginning, you had to add HTML even to get a bold! Later, you could use it just as Word or any other word processing application. With time, I could even add images from my own computer. Before, as with Videos now, you have first to upload them to a site. Flickr for Photos, Box for sound, YouTube for Videos. From there, you can add to your blog-post.

Blogging day by day for 10 years: Is there a life after 70? (in French) I learned how to retain readers:

1. Blog regularly. Day by day is the best. Same hour even better.
2. Post varied: open up and speak of your problems, but do not be gloom all the time. Do not boast - often either. Deeper you open up, more can identify with you. Think of it as an ongoing story.
3. Add pictures (and video and sound) makes reading more interesting. Short paragraphs best.

After 3 years of not posting any more day by day, in this blog, with huge pleasure I do it again.

"Blogger does not give stats" - that you could read in yesterdays blog is no more true.

Blogger is free, and free also (through Google who did buy it) to create many blogs.
I was able to chose a "frame" that is flexible to new devices, so could concentrate on writing.

Yesterday, I also shared my blogpost in different groups on Facebook (not yet on Linkedin) and the result were more 300 come to read it in one day! A lot more then before, a lot more then expected. Here are the stats telling me from where they come. What a diversity! This one is for the day from 12 to 13.

I have asked a Toastmaster pal from New Zealand to write a feedback I needed, Geni does love my blog and did complete the official Evaluation form. Today, will speak about it for 3 minutes allowed in my Arlington club and get a feedback from it too. Speak shortly. But for very long from now on, I hope to continue to post day by day, and have more and more of you to comment.

Let me know what you think of a post.
What would you know?
What may I improve?

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