6 Jun 2017

Did I create a month of compelling blog posts?

This morning, I arrived to the 1777 th visit in this, Pathways Experience blog. More then 30 posts in the last month, since I begun. I do hope, you liked their content. Personal and informative at the same time.

But, did I achieve my pathways blog goal?

The level 4 Project's task proposes to write "at least 8 post in a month" and them to be "compelling".
I chose to blog every day, and today, exceptionally twice. Is it original? I try to answer to all comments, but so far there are very few. Did you realise, you can comment under every post? 

Succinct, is not my forte, are my posts too long? 

Perhaps, the images and sometimes, videos, make them more readable and interesting. And, of course, now, or in a week, I will not stop writing this blog. For long, through this Path, the Visionary Communication, as well my other Paths, I intend to continue. 

I knew, more or less, how to find others speaking about themselves and their lives. We were a community of private bloggers.

I visited them, left comments. They visited me.

I learned not to complain all the time, from those who did so in their blogs. For a time, we do empathise, then it is just too much.

I learned not to boast all the time, when all goes well, nothing ever wrong, we feel "it is just not like my own life." I learned to vary my content, and sometimes, tell of my success and other time what is wrong in my life. Ups and downs of a normal life. And, whenever possible, what I did to get through and how.

A blog is in my view a bit like a serial writing. One tries to make the readers, you dear reader, come back by not quiet finishing all at the end. But a blog about Pathways? Is it interesting? Can I make it "compelling" ? How to promote it?

Well, not really the Toastmasters Pathways "only" but my experience of it. Today, the pleasure of a number I like with the 1777th visit. I still do not know whom reads it, as so few of you leave me a comment. Or, one of the advantage of blogs, open blogs like this one, is that is not only one way communication.

You can contribute to it through your comments!

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