3 Jun 2017

The dragon and Elisabeth: as told

Told it, did not read it. I read it so many times, that the story did stick in my mind. And of course, most of it I did tell with my words, not trying to stick to the text word by word.

 Emperor Online Toastmasters is Zaldy's club on Facebook.  

They liked the story and how I told it! 

Brian, who is also on Pathways did give me the oral feedback. While the "voice variety was ok" my hands from time to time too near the screen. Then, I asked others opinion too. Vivana, from Malaysia having read my blog, and listened to the telling of it for children, said to me that my voice variety improved by listening and reading it, too. 

Monday, another online meeting this time not going to Manila, but the other end of the world, British Columbia, instead of Emperors Toastmasters to Royal Roads, they meet noontime (their time) in an University campus near Vancouver in Virgin Islands.

When I told the story it was 3 pm in London. It begun to rain after a lot of warm.
In Philippines it was 10 pm in the evening already stiff and humid!
Near Vancouver only 6 am in the morning!
And 9 am in Florida.

Still stunned to be able to meet at the same time through so different timezones with others I begin to know better and better.

A toastmasters pal come to visit, this morning "for a coffee only". Young, she is only 60 and we know each other now 7 years. She gave me the occasion to tell my next story that is growing in me, the second time. Not only she knows those about I wanted to give my speech but she is a wonderful active listener.

 Yes, Doug is so right: telling it again and again it does become better and I do realise what part works best and how to orient it. Who knows, perhaps it will even "grow enough" so I can tell this one instead an old one!

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Canadian Dodd Family said...

I am near Vancouver the city, and the island I live on is also called Vancouver Island. My daughter and her youngest children live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Brian