20 Jun 2017

This time, it worked

After more then a month of work, post by post, and also gathering audience, readers, I delivered my first speech on the Blog to a club in Virginia. They could not hear me well alas.

Is really my accent so bad, I begun to wonder.
Is my voice recorder not good enough, it was suggested to buy one.
Is it my fault that I could not be well heard?

Tonight, at Royal Roads, Vancouver Islands, Canada, the audience listened to me speaking, with delight. They not only listened, they reacted smiled, nodded and I even got a letter later "Julie, you inspired me".

My confidence is restored.

You would not think, my confidence can be shaken so easy. Even if my reason knew that not being understood last week was not my fault, my emotions did not go together with it. I did not realise till now, how fragile we can be. How difficult sometimes to accept a criticism with "grace".

I also realised, how important is to see the audience reaction while you tell your story, once again. The more the better! Each smile and nodes in different ways. For me, but I think for all, the reaction of the audience while we speak is very important, and we are even in some way directed by it.

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