18 Jun 2017

We should not wait...

This is how it looks now, my Visionary Communication Path. With the Communicate Change waiting and two elective projects, instead of one completed. The three first levels finished.

Let it rest a bit. I found a lot of wonderful material about the subject of Change, have to absorb it. So many different changes to chose for! Will do it, if possible in July.

And here is how my Effective Coaching path looks like now. The Ice Breaker given. The Evaluation and Feedback "on the way" ready to Launch whenever I get farther in it. So that is what I will do for now. In that project in fact are hidden three that go together.
I am not still sure, after all these years, did I learn to receive feedback with grace? Offer a positive enough evaluation, specific enough to be implemented? I think, this one I can repeat many times and it would never be perfect. But I can try to improve.

Described here is how this will go. 

A. Chose any topic. Create a speech. Deliver it.
Listen to the feedback of the Evaluator, of your Mentor, of yourself.

B. At a different meeting, present a speech in which you incorporated the feedback.
Same speech (I prefer) or new one.

C. Serve as Evaluator at yet another meeting.
Now having understood how important a Constructive Feedback can be.

Then the projects explain, how to accept the feedback with "grace" listening to the specifics. It explains also how to listen, really listen. And also for the evaluator to not forget to be a good

Listener while taking notes for his speech to tell about it. Active listening skills are already hinted and hinted.

Limit the constructive criticism to two or three points. Small attainable goals.

There are more informations about how to be a good Evaluator, the most I liked was "not to be absorbed too much in taking notes, show the speaker that you do listen"

Too often, we do not do that!

Offer Feedback not Advice. I never realised before how much difference that could make.

After 8 years as Toastmaster, even after having passed this project in the other path, I realised still so much to learn! Yes, when we do a second path, we take more notice to details we perhaps skipped too fast before through in order to get farther!

This Project: "Feedback and Evaluation" with its three Tasks, could be implemented in any club, with or without Pathways already there. Great to be ready for when it will arrive and great to learn. 

And could be even fun!

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Hi, I read your new stuff regularly. Your humoristic style
is awesome, keep doing what you're doing!