15 Jun 2017

And now? 'Social Media Presence' another elective?

Yes, I will make a blogpost, detailing how I begun this blog. How we can open a new blog. Write in it, continue.

Not today.

Today I am happy, I had my blog evaluated, I delivered also the speech about my blog evaluated. Completed that elective project.

At level 4 there is only 1 required and one elective, chosen between many possible offers. I have chosen "Create a compelling Blog", but there are at least three interesting ones I did open and read too:

1. Social Media presence. I have a very active: describe.
2. Question and Answers, an interesting project too.
3. Conduct an online meeting. I did for more then 2 years now, planning it as VPE, as TMoM a few times, organiser.

I am not aware if it counts or not, but it really does not matter, as they are interesting and I am not in hurry to finish my level 4 before July. So, I will try all three. One after the other.

The required project of level 4 of Visionary Communication is a lot more difficult: Communicate Change. Convince, entice, explain. That speech is programmed for me to the 22th June meeting, at Witty Storytellers Online, as VP Education I will explain to the members of my online club the changes I propose to them for the year to come. I know well all to whom I address it.

Not evident, but a lot more easy then explaining the Pathways to Toastmasters who resent it.

Why should we change? Why should you repeat a speech? Why?
That will be a post yet for another day.

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