4 Jun 2017

Vocal Variety, Elective: fun but Important

Pace - I learned how important is pace in Standup Comedy, and now it does come naturally

Power - My mother did not hear well so my volume developed very early, my voice reaches far whenever needed

Pause - what I learned first when I begin telling my stories, even assisted to a workshop by an actor who showed us how pause, silence attracts instant attention

Pitch - is one of my problems, too high it seems.
I can vary it when in a dialog for a sentence or two, making audience laugh with how low I go, but can not really speak from down as some voice counsellors advised me. Well, I can not correct it any more.

Of course, beside this 4 there is also Intonation, and mine is not British or American.

Perhaps, the most important is indeed to have a Friendly Voice and a Confident Voice, speaking not as in "giving a speech" but as "confiding to a friend". Almost as if I was speaking one to one, in "dialog" not a monolog. When confident, about what I tell and to whom, it does work very well.

I remember a few times when I was less confident, my voice suddenly was not varied enough.

Tomorrow, I will repeat my "voice variety" speech, not telling "The paper bag princess" but reading some comic poems. Of course, then my Elective Storytelling will also be told taking more care of my voice. Adding more body language to it, as I will telling it in my 'brick and mortar' club in London.

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