6 Jun 2017

Poems, at Royal Roads meeting

Reading comic poems - some classic English, and one translated by me from Hungarian, today "I do not remember". All present toastmasters gave a round-around feedback. They liked all but loved best the poem I translated, so I will copy it here, as I do not think they recorded our meeting.

I had a great pleasure to read some comic poems, from which I knew by heart only the one I translated, the one that touched Derek and was preferred one also by others.

Zoom, puts all of us in small videos, and the one who is speaking in big suddenly as he or she begins speaking.
General Evaluator
Yes, I should have shown the names of poets and the titles through a carton. As about my voice and facial expression they said it did improve and it was "spectacular".

It helped me a lot, that they are so welcoming and I felt really at ease. And here is, translated from Hungarian and adapted to English by me:

I do not remember! Heltai Jenö

How you kissed me,
and how I kissed you
how we set so near each other
under the acacias
sometime, in May together

It is winter now;
I do not remember.

How you loved me and
how I loved you
how you embraced me
and how I embraced you
furtively, secretly,
all other forgotten

Today it is winter time
I do not remember.

The winter, with its snow
covers everything and
the mist has frozen in my heart
Today, it is winter
I do not remember

How you loved me,
how I loved you
How you embraced me,
how I embraced you
How you kissed me
how I kissed you

How we set together
under the sweet acacia trees
Sometime, in May, together...
I don't remember.


Canadian Dodd Family said...

Julie, I am not a fan of poems without musical accompaniment. Bus you recite them with such erase, it comes across as one of your stories, with rhymes.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you! They do have rhymes, most of them. My mother loved poems, and I did too from very young age. Not always the same, but I did even had a special notebook I copied the one's I liked most. I am happy you liked how I told them.

Gearoid Murphy said...

That is a lovely Poem. I feel emotional and Sad after reading it.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you!