10 Jun 2017

Level 4: Communicate Change & Write blog posts

At level 4 my main task is to Communicate Change. Hope it will not go like this:

My elective is this blog posts. It does not mean I will stop writing day by day, after I have the blog evaluated (already have) and then speak about it for 3 minutes! Writing day by day, and after all this the speech project is only 2 to 3 minutes! Will happen next Wednesday.

As to Communicate Change it did give me already more work, also more insight then I thought it would. First, I celebrated having found a book that explains so well about Change and Transition. Change meaning the situation that changes, Transition in this book meaning what happens in us.

After having read it fast through on Kindle, I did buy an used copy of it, a lot less expensive. But they were worth. Again, I realised, how easier is for me to study a book I hold in hand and can underline with a pen. Most important, can jump forth and back as I want and need.

I also discovered, surprised by it, that  exactly 5 years ago, I have given a speech from the toastmasters Advanced Manual called Speech by Management, about Explaining Change. It was at my last meeting as President of the club in London. It must have been celebrating the change, explaining how great the new president will be, and that I will be Area Governor and continue as Past President be back often. I offered a somewhat similar speech last week, praise of the new committee that will come, but no - I do not consider that "the speech" for my project.

We also changed last week the committee in my online main club, Witty Storytellers and in two weeks, I will try to explain my plans as VP Education for the future year as a story as much as possible.

The stages of an organisation, as I understood from the Managing Transitions book, goes from Dream to Implementing the Vision, to Organisation (so on if not renewed at some time even to death). Our club Witty Storytellers Online will step now from the Implementing the Vision, where all roles are yet blurred to Organisation stage. Yes, we have to involve more in the process of making a great club.

Still two weeks to study and to write, to rehearse and then deliver. So many aspects to consider!

The same project will help me better understand how to create my stories about the transition in the Toastmasters from the current Education program to the Pathways. So many important aspects to consider! So many different sensibilities. As Pathways Ambassador I will need a lot this project.

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