24 Jun 2017

Witty Storytellers Online, my heart club

Of course, our main goal is to progress in storytelling and humour and get to know each other through continents and culture, which I do very well thank you. And whenever needed, each pinches in: so many different talents! I could never have put together with such a taste this image. We have so many different talents indeed, and each of us, old timers (a year) and new (a month), contribute.

Online is easy! That is till all crashes. Or suddenly your voice is no more heard. Or the bandwidth decides enough and your video shakes. Or there is not enough light on your face. But that last one depends on you. In fact the rest too, almost all. Other then learning the platform, GoToMeeting or Zoom most of the time, just keeping calm, trying again, rebooting your computer so the open programs close, and so on, we do have many options. 

And when all goes well... well, I can tell my next project speech, from London. Dennis can remember, from Florida, the unsung heroes of the 11 September in New York, where he was present at the time. Sadika from Beirut can tell us about not so easy mothers-in-law. Graham from Australia tell us of Ida the courageous traveller from last century.  Here is Svetlana, now speaking from Uzbekistan, our President till end June, me, Graham, and Lorraine from Dubai, who was our mentor this year and come to say again how much she appreciated our club.
That is how I see them, but Zaldy from Philippines, has another view and publishes after each meeting 20 to 40 pictures on Facebook Online Toastmasters Clubs (and our own group also). Here is how Zaldy sees us: the speaker in bigger window and the listeners smaller on left or right side. Svetlana just opens here our meeting, from Uzbekistan. Mathilde from Germany is our Toastmaster and Julie New our Timekeeper are on and listening and ready to take on their role as needed. 

But after all those wonderful and very different stories each told us Thursday morning, as I was finishing my level 4 speaking of Change, and at the same time told a story about all that happened to us in our first year, the most important for me was what Krishn, new father told us from Mauritius islands. What a change in his life!
"I spend now a quality time with my son from midnight to 4 in the morning, day by day", from next month will come to tell my next story.

How much you can evoke by an expression! We have immediately seen him trying to calm his baby at the same time appreciating that it is him and not his tired wife who stays up, night after night.

In Pathways, we can ask more then one to evaluate. Inside the meeting, it was Misako who gave feedback to my speech "Communicate Change", but I also asked Graham to send me one. Two very different views help me more understand how each viewed what and how I told.

There are two pages in each evaluation, but here is the first page. Misako always full of enthousiasm, had detected my structure: back, now and future and loved it. She missed my usual humour. I love how she wrote "you are a pathfinder, so"
Graham, a newest member felt that I succeeded to make all feel part of the journey, that was one of my main intention. He did not think I talked enough about "what happens now". He looks also very attentive to the objectives of each project. He would like me to speak more in detail. Asking "more" is always a good sign! 

Keep in mind that neither are yet on Pathways, yet can give feedback using the very good Evaluation sheet. The second page is just click on 1 to 5 on different ways it was told, I got 4 or 5 in almost all but the body movement : not easy when you sit down near a computer. 

Tomorrow, a special, it will be 3 month since I begun my Pathfinder journey. 

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