21 Jun 2017

Let them Pop up!

All the time, something pops up, when you use Pathways. That is why you have to make sure, your device, computer, phone etc does not forbid Popups!

Here, I show the screen where I am asked the last evaluation, and also offered to save, to pring to send an evaluation form (called resource) to my Evaluator of the project.

Finally, after weeks, I caved in and did buy myself a printer. A printer that works. But already had to buy replacement inks. With 18 to 22 pages by project, that goes fast. But I can read it again, withoug my computer open. Yes, it is great to see on screen and listen to a video or two, but perhaps I am old fashioned, and still love to read too on paper.

Here are most of the level 4 elective projects to chose. Only one has to be chosen. But no one forbids you to chose more then one. You can see which two I already completed. There is something for every taste.

And some take a lot of time, others less, but they are all interesting and useful, "outside toastmasters" too. That is the last question you are asked again and again: "do you understand this projects usefulness outside Toastmasters"? Well, more and more.

So on level 4 still the required and not so easy projects waits for me to be done, Communicate Change. There are so many changes! What change would YOU communicate? How to convince those who do not feel happy with it and think they could still avoid it somehow?

First, acknowledge their concerns. Then give as much information on different level as possible. Will speak more about this another time. Thanks for reading, and coming back! Now, I am open and ready for comments. And do not forget! Let the popups live. And even if possible on a whole screen.

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