5 Jun 2017

Blogging from age 70

This is not my first blog. I begun, when blogspot was still in beta and we had to add HTML to obtain Bold or even a paragraph break. Still, it was easier then to design our own Web page.

Even if my first motivator was to publish my diaries, translated to French (from Hungarian), the first blog I created and wrote in, morning through morning was "Il ya a de la vie après 70 ans" to prove above all to myself that there is life after 70. As I approached that age, I was afraid. Hopeful. Mixed.

Blog in French, written from France, ups and down of my life.

As you can see, for ten years, I was consistent and in all got almost 500 000 "hits" reading. But, it only meant about 200 each day, which I found always stunning. Most important, some commented on what I wrote, and others jumped up a day saying "I have read you now for two years, but it is the first time for me commenting. I remember, when..."

Readers from all ages told me they got courage from reading about me, after age 70.

Almost in parallel with that blog, I opened the one for my diaries written from 10 year old on.

Less readers, not so regular writing either. Reading from bottom to top was not easy for those who did not begun from the beginning. I tried to order them "by diary, my first my second, etc" not easy. Then I published my firsts even in "good order" as in a book. But did not have the persistence to work on it. Probably, there is now a program that inverses the order and make read like a book.

Competent Communicator was not the first blog I opened in English but the only one I wrote and still continue in it consistently. Not regularly, alas. When I find something to say about "communication" or want to publish a video of my performance. Yes, with time, e could add pictures directly, not only going through Flickr to hold them, and then, miracle! videos even.

Through the years the aspect of my blogs changed, you can remain with the content and show it in different ways with different backgrounds. I remain now with one, that works for different platforms, from a bit screen to a tiny iphone, adopting itself to where it is.

When you do not write regularly, readers come to see only from time to time. When you do not go to see others and comment, you do not expand your readers wider. This blog was not "personal" more or less to show what I did - following my speaking in public then standup comedy, added to it the great videos of speakers I found and some good books too.

Alas, it also taught me, to be very careful what I delete. I collected all the comedy club names in a Page, where I also added my opinion to it, and one day making a "clean up" puf! I could never find it.
At least, by changing the dates, I learned to push up on front page, some of the performances and notes I like best.

The advantage of Blogspot is not only that is free, but one can add any new blogs to it, some private "only family" others "trial" one even Hungarian! With time, they are still there but... even I do not look at them!

Here is a list of some of them (not all). Traces was my "photoblog"; Julie's Diary translation of my first diaries, did not have the courage to continue: so much work!

Journal de Sidonie, is my grand-mother diary that she begun to write when taken away in 1944 spring to concentration camp.

Yes, I am not the first in family to write diaries. She continued to write even in the camp! and after.

Yes, I will use this blog as one of my assignments, yes, writing 8 times is not a difficult task for me. But it was a great challenge, and it will continue to be as I intend to continue day by day.

And so much to say about Pathways and about my experience of it!

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