8 Jun 2017

This story 7 years ago changed my life

The possibilities are endless.

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The most important for me was that this storytelling changed my life again. The story of how I changed profession, the storytelling when so many from audience laughed, the story that decided me to learn "how to make laugh when I wanted it". Instead of adding here, the story I told at Witty Birds, differently, online, I added the story as I told in in the Canal Café Theatre, and found it on my other blog CompetentCommunicator, where it is embedded to listen if you want. There, it even has the text.

I begun to be tired. 

Today, I participated to two meetings! One online, the second in my land club. In London, I have given a speech about how TM changes us and how much we will get from the three new committee members that were voted in.

5 years ago, when I presented the future president, as my year as president finished, I gave a speech about Change Management, from the Speaking for Management manual. "Change" is not a new topic either, in Toastmasters.

Tonight I was asked what advice I would give my younger self, and I got the best table topic speaker award, about how I was not funny for 77 years and why. 

Soon, online club committee elections and ready to help to anyone that needs with speech. I am now member of 5 clubs, and visit a few others online clubs or remote access toastmaster club from home. But I love a lot being with people in the same room. It is different, in plus, I am able to move and gesticulate, which helps to express even better what I feel.

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