29 Jun 2017

Three first Levels of my Path

I never heard before this year "Triple Crown" expression. It is not an official Toastmasters award. I understand now, that it is given to those who got three awards in a year. Any award. I got 4 this year, but no one "gave" me anything else : I have given myself.

I have finished in December, last year my Advanced Communication Gold, without wanting to go farther. One D.T.M. after my name is enough. Two would have been ridiculous. In plus, of course, not many know what it means in the first place.

I was so happy we found a way to join GC in District 27 and begin, end March, our Pathways journey. Take the first step.

Let me look back on my first three Levels I finished, in the Visionary Communication Path.  In every path there are 5 levels, in this post I will write only about the first three I finished.

Level 1)  4 speech and an evaluation.
Icebreaker, a Speechthen another repeated after feedback, and the last one about a Research
Same for all Path.

I published my first level certificate of completion, not the other two.

Level 2)  3 speech.
Discovering my Communication Style.
Discovering my Leadership Style. (In the Presentation Mastery, instead is Body Language)
Intro to Mentoring (one of the first two can be different depending on the path chosen)

Level 3)   3 speech    
One required after an important Project, then 2 chosen between 15 or so possible (Wrote a blogpost about this Electives and even added a picture already)

In all three levels together, "speaking" 10 times.
We are asked to have also the roles of Evaluator, Table Topic Master and Toastmaster of the Meeting.

It seems not so much.

It all depends. Depends on how much time we spend discovering about "communication styles, leadership styles" and in my case for "planning for change" and trying to implement a meeting about it.

My great joy, reward came at level 3.

Not only I was able to read through many different projects to chose from Electives, but also able to create an Online Meeting about Pathways Discovery, with my team. The team of members of my online club Witty Storytellers Online. We recorded that meeting, and even added part of it in this blog: just click on the name and you can see the video of it. In it, George Marshal, chief guide, gives a great presentation followed by Q / A, then we have three pathways speeches as examples. I also was TMoM at that meeting.

More I have gone into the Pathways different levels, with projects longer and longer to complete, more I realise how much we can learn about them. How much it is worth repeating a project, even if you are not asked or rewarded for it, you learn, you progress, you go on more solid.

So far, I have done a few 'extras', learned from each of them.

One of the goals the Pathways team put on before them: have the Toastmasters faster awarded so they get more confidence. That is why, with "only" 10 speech we already finish level 3. I would add to it, that we also learn "more" or "different" things we can apply to our lives.

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