27 Jun 2017

I begun walking on the chosen path, three month ago

I looked at the beginning of my speech, again. Remember? "Any speech, just so we can listen to the feedback, take it with grace. Then incorporate it in our next speech."

I thought of the feedback I have been given. Not all were justified. My voice does not seem to me so bad, and I love how I moved. Probably later on...?

For sure, I have now a more personal story I am working on to tell next time, in which I will incorporate ALL I was told. Alas, for the moment is too long, too verbose, not enough description of the moments.

A good speech and even more a good story takes time!

And yes, also about three month ago, the Navigator crashed on my computer browser, Safari. I do not speak about it here to complain, but because I am not the only one it happened. Should I not tell about a few glitches that may happen as you will go along? At least, they happened to me.

Why did it happen?
  • Is it when the Pathways does not know yet that you begun? Some tell me "today, it worked!"
  • Is it when the Java Script is not installed on the browser? With Safari has to be installed by us. Chrome has it. Others I did not test. Did you?
  • Is it because we did not tell in the right place "let pop-ups pop!" ?
It could be any of these or something else. 

Not easy to make a program "fool-proof"! The programmers saying is : there is always another fool that proves it to you, doing something unexpected! But some moves we do at the beginning can be expected and instead of a crash, have a message come out and asking you: did you allow popups? I found that now it has been added to the Base camp overview. Great!

To wait a day before you try is more difficult, as once decided we are impatient. What if, it would be asked a 24 hour wait from the beginning?

Perhaps I am wrong in all of this, but better be forewarned. 

Once it begins, once you are on to chose your path... once you begin to 'walk the walk': what a joy! Do not let the beginning problems stop you! 

Some of my friends begin to do something else, and told me "I have no time now for..." because at the beginning they had problems with their computer or browser connection with the Pathways program. Persist! Do not let some small things come in your way.

It is worth persisting. 
The program can give to us so much!

As for me, between many other things, it gave me this blog and the renewed pleasure to write day by day. And you, my dear readers! 
As I was too eager lately to look "how many more read today?"
So I pushed my counter a bit lower. Trying to influence myself to care less. Does the number count? One already is great! Two wonderful. One hundred? A miracle.
All is so relative, anyway.

Above are some ten year old pictures, from Washington DC from my Flickr page. The kids in this picture in the middle, of social interaction, are now in college. We learn to interact very early, never finish learning. And below some recent pictures from London street.

Here are a few of my latest pictures taken from a walk on Brick Lane, one of London's very old street. Many immigrants coming got there one after the other. Its walls are always decorated with wall art and graffiti, and on the street a variety of people, locals and tourists alike. Some even posed for me, Sunday!

So what, if on Flickr 2000 looking at my pictures every day, which now is really a low nowadays for me, but I publish in Flickr and created groups and animated them for 12 years! Flickr was my first "Social Media" and group discoveries, longtime before Facebook. We could participate and we could create groups, write and show pictures to each other. Open to all or open to just a few. And I have then created some and animated them long time ago.

I am looking forward to my Effective Coaching path now, my second path and preparing, repairing, trying to trim my next speech that has to be again, a story. Meanwhile, I hope to learn a bit this night about how to be a Base Camp Manager. See a bit from the other side of the mirror.

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