17 Jun 2017

My four preferred path

There are ten path to chose in the Toastmasters Pathways program, each with different focus.
I looked and read, looked and read : they were 10 choices, 10 path to chose from. Each sending me in a different direction. I did not chose as they are here, I do have only three of them for now.

I am now going through the 5 levels of the Visionary Communication.
The focus of this path is to develop skills for sharing information with a group, planning communications and creating innovative solutions. I believe that I had a vision and created an innovative solution implementing it, through my Storytelling Workshops first, then through Witty Storytellers Online, there is so much more to learn. I am not in a hurry to finish this path.

My second path will be Effective Coaching.
I will begin it real, this month, with the story of how we created the Witty Storytellers Online club, through one to one connections that become a team. I do coach often and I like improving a speech or pushing a bit someone to go further. The focus is building consensus, about which I have a lot to learn yet, and contributing to the development of others by coaching and establishing strong speaking skills. So as I understand, this path is more about one to one connection then in group to an audience. With the different focus, this path does complement well the Visionary Communication.

Presentation Mastery, was in fact my first choice, needing always to learn new techniques to speak better and more effectively. Alas, I ordered in in print, I am still waiting to get them. I want to experiment how it feels when someone does not go online to go through a path.

In fact, I am really happy to have begun the two others before, as they gave me unexpected joys and discoveries. The path we want to go first, is not always the best for us. 

I do believe in destiny. Then of free choice.

I decided on the Team Collaboration as my fourth path. Learning better Listening skills, motivating others, collaborating with a team is its aim. I understood that all paths really deliver and help as stated. I chose instead Motivational Strategies, with same aims.

I did not buy this one. Will be waiting for the Pathways to arrive to me, instead to go towards it. I'll get it free. I am not so bad in listening, perhaps even motivating usually. But I do realise, it is always lot more to learn.

Long way to go!

In each path they are 5 short but deep Levels.

The first level comes with same titles, four speech and an evaluation. I can focus those to the aim of the path as I arrive on each of path in turn.

In the second level, we have three tasks, one of them sometimes different, depending on the path.

At level three, there is a Required project very specific to the path, and a lot great Electives to chose from (two, from 15 and more to come it seems). Almost, as a reward to having arrived to that level. I did 2 electives but read all. It felt for me, as choosing from goodies.

I am now at level 4, there are "only" two tasks, I have finished the elective, writing this blog, having it evaluated, speaking about it and my speech also given a feedback. Alas, they did not hear or understand well my 3 minute speech. I  will offer it again to one of my online toastmasters clubs. They are from all over the world and used to different accents, and usually love listening to me as I speak.

The required speech is Communicating Change, will be delivered next month as we go into the new Toastmasters year. And I hope, no one will become angry like in this humorous image.

I intended to deliver in next week, but I decided this morning, to begin instead the "free speech" - the first that comes after the Icebreaker - from Effective Coaching path instead. "Free speech", subject of our choice, it will be about our online club creation a year ago. Sttt! Do not tell.

I will offer it twice, once to my latest club, once to Witty Storytellers Online to celebrate our achievements, one by one and team work.

I read so much about Change and Transition and Managing Transition. Delivered the speech already once, did not like how it went, next month will deliver it at least twice again to different clubs a very different version. It is a very important to be able to think, prepare and be able to deliver a good speak about Change that will come. An enticing one.

Even if "all" the interface as I go along is not "always" a joy, but I am sure that will change, the traveling through the path was and still is a great joy, and now I am sure it will be for all the four path. I am not rushing, as I need to savour the moment the discoveries, the deliveries. And the contact, with the audience. As well what remains in me.

So, I am 83 and will be older when I go through all four of them, so what? Never too late!

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Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

That was in June last year. I finished first Visionary Communication. Then Presentation Mastery. I never did buy (yet) Team collaboration, instead did Leadership Development and then Dynamic Leadership.