14 Sep 2018

Prepare for an Interview

Prepare to be interviewed, for me the last, 12th Elective Project from Level 3, never opened before in any path. So happy, I did it now!
Till I opened Prepare for an Interview, I was convinced "it is not for me", it does teach me, again, not to have preconceptions. Open and go there with "an empty cup".

With all the questions it ask us, lets us make a real self assessment of our talents, strength, accomplishments, likes, and what part we are ready to develop now. In the project, it gives us a lot of tasks. This may remember some, a Project is not a Speech!
I did not yet answer to all this, it does take time to think about them seriously. Once I am done, I am sure it will boast my confidence, as a similar questionnaire helped me when I was 48 and looking forward to change job, as I knew can't continue as was.

Thinking about my accomplishments and what I enjoy, but also what I am interested in studying and learning about. What an interesting task! 

I do not want a new job, but I am preparing a D.T.M Project, together with the help of interviewer what I really want to do can become clearer after this project.
Am I comfortable displaying my talents, skills, interests and knowledge? Well, first of all I am going to Google all those words and understand well the difference between them. What is the difference between talents and skills? Difference between knowledge and skill? 

What I my different interests? I almost wrote "of course" no problem of displaying those!" when I realized, ah ah, no, not ready to speak about all of them! Even if sometimes, I do joke about some of those "no" in my standup comedy routine. 

It is always useful to read the Evaluation sheet second page, as it displays points the evaluator will look for in this specific project you work on. Of course, Clarity, Vocal Variety, Gestures and Comfort Level can be find in all. Here, I found two more: Poise as responding to questions and Answering Impromptu to questions.

We have been also given the different level of questions we could be asked. Simple, Challenging and Most challenging. 

We do choose who will be playing our "Interviewer" role, not the VPE and it is NOT the Toastmaster evaluating us either. We also send the Interviewer the instructions from Pathways Projects, but also our own instructions. So in some ways, we do know what we will be asked, in other ways we will also have surprises. 
Here are some of the files downloaded on my computer desk, plus the project pdf itself, which I already arranged into the folder of the 13 Level 3 Elective Projects.

To conclude? Instead of a "not for me" it become a very interesting project I am looking forward to work on. Not today, as I was suddenly asked to participate in a debate Sunday "Having money or having education" - I believe, you will guess which side I am.

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