13 Sep 2018

Did you say Navigator? VPE worries - or not.

Yesterday, I rediscovered the Navigator. Not the old, 2016 outdated printed or PDF copy, the new animated one we see near the Base Camp when we login. I never looked at all what it contained, till now. I knew the Pathways part, but that was all I was interested, before.
The one that is hear in the right hand side, or is it left? Anyway, THIS Navigator.

That is my least liked part of it: why should we learn to navigate the navigator?
So, it also said how we could give badges, at least this page was clear! Didn't try it.

All those different navigations and it does not even cover all of them!

at least, in this page I was rewarded or my systematic discovery one by one. In the middle the next says: your scores are just that, yours only.
Only you and your evaluator see your scores.
when I begin to work on Pathways, I was convinced the VPE can see them in my e-portofolio, then I learned only I can see that place

What the VPE can see is our Transcript and see, as we can too how many hours we passed on a Project, ONLINE, inside the BaseCamp. No one can guess how much we worked on it outside it. Nor see our speech date or title or club we performed it.

Q. A VPE was worried "how can I verify that a member with multiple clubs did speak?"
The Master QA log, answered to Pathways Guide like this one time:
" I was used initialing the speeches and projects like in the back of the CC and CL manuals? How can she trust the member is completing them? 
  1. B- Base Camp will automatically mark each project complete once a member has interacted with all the content. When a VPE verifies the completion of a level, they are encouraged to look at the projects in that level and ensure that the member has met all requirements. 
This verification process is at the discretion of each club. Some VPEs may be comfortable approving the level based on their own memory or records of the member presenting each speech at their club. Other VPEs may request additional verification. For example, if the speech was presented in a different Toastmasters club, the VPE may ask the member to submit an external training request on Base Camp or provide verification from the VPE of that club. 

The answer is "it depends on the club culture and the VPE". But in general, the member (us) having marked a Project Complete is considered enough verification. We decide when we feel that we did learn enough. That we progressed well.

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