4 Sep 2018

What to do not to see clutter?

Get rid of the clutter! <--How? Here is the post where I explained how to do it, how I did it.
The 17th April, did I finally write a post explaining it screen by screen. By a click on the first sentence of this blog, you can arrive there. Or, by typing "get rid of the clutter" in the blog's Search. 

Inside the Educational Transcript, you can look at the ACTIVE or Completed or Archived Paths and classes.

Curriculum, only when you want to see only your paths, or All, then all you opened is there.

You can see them sorted by Title, by Date, etc.

For me, this was the cleaner I got, in April, with only three path I was working on.

Now, there are more, as I linger both in Dynamic Leadership Level 5, on a Leadership Project to feel finished for me, and I did not go farther with the French path, till I did not decide that it will be dedicated to Paris. And with Motivational Strategies, the first path where I am doing not 2 but 12 Electives. 

And no, I am not doing it in advance for another path: they are not transferable! I am doing them to learn and understand each of them. Now, I also have one more path I got free after our May launch, as being in two clubs, and of course I am just in Level 1. I stopped there too, waiting till I find to what I dedicate it. Just decided: Humor! 

As with this example, you can find many answers to many questions that could arise. It did rain a lot on me, and as I was learning to deal with the rain, I stumbled. And as soon as the rain stopped, or I found a solution, I wrote about it.

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