7 Sep 2018

May 2017 about Level 1 then Level 2 projects

In the first two month, after I joined the Pathways Pilot District 27 first club, remote access, I finished the first two Levels of Visionary Communication path and the required Project of Level 3.

Going from online club to online club and also my London club to speak, reading a lot of interesting books, researching on Google, interviewing George Marshal, organizing Pathways Meetings with him and Paul White.

I do explain well the Level 1 and then the Level 2 projects through my May 2017 posts.

In the end, I finally, did buy myself a new Printer so I could begin to print some of my Level 3 Elective Projects, those I have chosen, Voice Variety, and Connect with Storytelling, and some not chosen this time.

I did nothing else then prepare and deliver. All my hours and days where consecrated to Pathways, and in plus, I was in many clubs and visited, allowed to speak in others too, most of them Online clubs, some Remote Access, plus the one near me where I live. In fact I did not stop, it is still my main aim. Help Pathways Transition and discover as much as possible about it.

In May I already got two other path, beside the Visionary Communication.

Effective Coaching, I stopped after just offering the Icebreaker to a new remote club I joined. At the time, I believed that I have to give an Icebreaker from a NEW PATH in all clubs. We do learn a lot from our mistakes! A lot later, did I begin to get through this path's Levels and Projects again.

Presentation Mastery Printed Manual was paid  in April, I was still waiting, end of May to get the first two manuals. TMI service was convinced to have send me, and I got them only only mid June and after special intervention when a proper research was made showing them what happened between the ordering service and the one who was supposed to sending them. But of course, those were the early days.

This morning, I read every post from month of May, corrected a few phrases, but otherwise left the posts like they were written at that time. Memories of my life come back to me.

I regret I did not write anything in April, this blog begins in May, before, I just have a few memories. I have to read through the rest, to see if I did write later about those. As I read through my posts I relived the period and the work I have done.

It does show how much I learned through the first two Level Project's Tasks.

Getting through them, working on them, understanding them better later, got me at yet other levels. If you begin, I suggest to go through the 2017 May posts, one by one and share my experience. Understand better the projects together with me.

A lot was still in fog for me at that time, I did knew some things, but could not express very well, and I was preoccupied mostly to understand the project's tasks and create stories, tell them at best of my knowledge. While getting the Level 1 certificate seemed a great joy, at the end of Level 2 I was mostly happy about the progress I made while going through the Projects and the Tasks.

It is not so easy to read a blog from beginning, but if you go to the year and month and open it, the posts are in the order they were written, with the first on top.

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