22 Sep 2018

Titles go, People remain.

Today, I completed my fifth path, Dynamic Leadership. This week, I have given the last two project speeches of Level 5. It took me 9 - 10 month to finish it, but I did it parallel with other path going slow. I wanted to be sure it was the right moment for every project and used them outside the clubs mostly.
Here is the certificate with today signed. It was not yet declared to the Club Central, but the VPE approved it so I could see the certificate that TMI will send me soon.
And here is my first Level certificate, from which I could see when I begun it. Sometimes, in December so I could finished Level 1 in January this year.
As I said today, at the end of my speech, Certificates, Awards are not important, the people I met and had contact during this last 10 month are the important. Titles come and go fast, people remains.

This week I had a meeting every day, most of them but Wednesday Online. Some of the Toastmasters I meet in many clubs, we go and belong to each other clubs too. Graham here, from Australia, is President of Global Storytellers Online where I finished my last presentation today, Saturday. Zaldy is leading Emperor Online, where I spoke about how to be a protégé Friday. Svetlana is chartering her club Witty Birds, they meet Tuesday. Carole, lead the Pathways Guides for district U. Michelle created the GSO and so on. I can and will not tell you all the names of people with whom I had the pleasure to connect this ten month, some now I know already for more then ten years, some I meet recently. They are the one who matter, not my finished projects of future titles.

On the way, of course I learn a lot of new things and can talk about it or coach someone needing it.
Here is an Agenda, and I have seen it first yesterday with when I tell what Project I want to speak from, does add Project Description and Evaluation Form that the Evaluator can read and download. 

That was today at Global Trainers Online where I finished the last speech of my path. First Graham told us how to use the Microphone, that came my speech then Deniz's. Then the feedbacks.

When I come back to the Basecamp, I answered the After Questions all point and saved it, now the Reflect on your path is asking me to Evaluate the project for TMI. As soon as I did, Evaluate transformed to Launch.
Now it is waiting for me to Mark Complete, which will send the VPE a quest in Base camp, and even through TMI if the email is well set to approve my level. I did not  wait, and send a personal email to her and one hour later, when it was approved.

Only then the circle closed and View Certificate appears. I show it hear for a Level 5 but it goes similar at every end of the level.

I wanted to see this screen above to show, but as soon last level finished and approved, it suddenly disappeared from my Active Curriculum and I had to recuperate to print the certificate from the Completed Curriculum.
  1. Visually Communication - finished a year ago
  2. Presentation Mastery
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Effective Coaching
  5. Dynamic Leadership - finished today
From each path and almost every project I learned something. During which time I connected to so many wonderful people! I am 85 and I live alone, my family visits me perhaps once a month, but I do not feel lonely at all. I learn I listen I connect. Every day, many hours a day. With many or one to one. Awards, titles come and go, fast forgotten, people, memories and connections remain!

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