19 Sep 2018

Letting GO of the Words?

In a blog, all is about the words, we read! Letting go of half of them at least?

Is all about words really? 

As I go through this book, chapter by chapter, I realize how many other things count. 

The image: I did know already. The screen dumps I add to the text to make it clearer. Indeed: make clearer counts.

But also to cut in short sentences. To add titles and subtitles. To help guide the attention. 

Lots of practical tips, for adds and web pages that apply also to blogs, even the author, Janice Redish tell us.

As I read, I highlighted some sentences.

And I begun to ponder, how I drive the attention? One way is with Bold and Red.

It is also true most of the time we go to a page and SCAN instead of reading. I did it too often. Not realizing that sometimes the content I look for is hidden in small thin letter on the top. 

I begun to use more lists, and break in shorter sections also, when the image itself does not help me to do it for me.

From the beginning, I also used an easy readable Type: Trebuchet which is also bigger. Thinking of those like me that have difficulty reading small fonts.

And more illustration as I got along.

Of course, content is most important and a conversational style too and writing regularly : so you all can count on me and on the blog to be there and publish something new day by day. 

And, what was not yet in the part I read already, to be readable in many devices. That is why I choose this theme for the blog, Google does the rest for me and transforms it depending on the device read. More tomorrow. I am preparing a presentation for soon.

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