24 Sep 2018

My leadership style, traveling memory lane

Sunday at Firebirds Collective, I delivered a speech from the Project "my leadership style, Level 2, the 6th or7th time. Very different one, each time. 

"A man does not cross the same river same way. The water is not the same and the man changed too."

As the river was not the same, the club different each time, and I was not the same either. This time, I traveled the memory lane and far not only in time but in place to begin it. All the way to when I was 12, to understand and explain better my style of leading. Here is the video, with interruptions and all, as it happened. 

The time mix was my fault, because another longer speech was supposed to be said, that I told Saturday, so for Sunday the sorter remained. VPE accepted, the agenda was changed, but in the TM of the meeting head, the time remained the longer one. As I was all in my head before I begun, I did not observe he presented me telling the longer time. I believed, the Timekeeper mixed it up. Sorry.

Time is important, in preparing a speech and delivering it. Next project I have to tackle, is not it a chance, is Keeping Time, that asks from me to note all the details and times spend to prepare and deliver my next speech. Any speech, any style! Noting each small task and how long it took. Another post will speak about it, I just read it again this morning. It comes, again very apropos. In time.

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