8 Sep 2018

Spectacular September Showcase of Online Meetings

Alliterations work, my pal Michelle always founds them!

Together with Brian Dodd, Michelle Alba-Lim, organizes a showcase of Online Toastmasters clubs for this week, beginning from now. It was a week, it seems it will be extended more.

For the moment, I did assist to the first one, for me. The club had its one year chartering celebration. Global Trainers Online, choose me as Sponsor. I have been Sg-of-Arms from the first meeting, and convinced to stay for the second year.
All Online Toastmaster Clubs use now Zoom, for many reasons but one is that we can record easy and show the results. We can also show a "green screen" background, here it is Scott, Timekeeper signaling the middle time arrived with a yellow background. Under him, you see Graham with a Microphone in his background, later on he spoke how to create a Podcast. 

As Podcast is one of the Pathways Projects in Level 4 many of us were interested or already begun creating it. Graham, as Radio Presenter for many years, what specially good to speak about Podcast, it was a Technical Speech but in fact, very easy to understand, in plus, he did show us also his professional Microphone, and told us about many different possibilities to podcast. Did you know? I just learned! 

The radios Broadcasted with professional equipment. Then come the iPod and we could Podcast, all of us. Later only it was even possible with iPhone, to use it as mic or even Vcast, add video to the Podcast, or do both, have Only Sound or Sound and Image together. Or Sound and Video. 

Graham, also President of the Global Trainers Online club, meeting twice a month Saturday (6 am UTC) told us: the most ingredient for a Podcast is: an interesting Content! I hope, he will let me add his intervention here for another day, after it is processed. Here a link he created for us for Tools for Podcasting.

Creating Online Meetings is also a Pathways Project, so for all of you it is interesting to know about different online clubs, and this week a great opportunity to discover them.

Every day, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday too, there will be one or more online toastmasters club meetings anyone is invited to assist.

Here is from Wednesday, as all did not get in one screen and yes, as the club I created with Svetlana, the very first speciality club online, the Witty Storytellers Online, is in this image, we meet 6 am London time. 
(Is it now or not 5 am UTC?) 

I am the club coach of Royal Roads, a hybrid club, that meets Monday only Online, and as I see Friday (after midnight for me) in the university grounds of the Royal Roads in Canada, but open to remote access too. 

Ablaze "home" is in New Zealand but as with all Online clubs, has World Wide Members and Visitors. Zooming together, as if we were in one room, as if it were not late evening, noon or morning from where we are, and when summer and warm in Vancouver, cold winter in Australia. I have learned so much meeting world wide toastmasters!

Now, as I learned again, about what is needed to Podcast, I can begin gathering my Content.  All those years ago, when I told stories in theatre and prepared to my speeches and later, comedy routines, I recorded them before, a few times even, during sometimes when possible. I remembered even that I used a software to hear lauder the laughter! 

About Podcasts and some old examples and new attempts, another day.

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