21 Sep 2018

Ben Dunllop TED Master Storyteller

Storytelling is so important! Many years ago I discovered TED talks, free to all, and this Master Storyteller I enjoyed to much: I am offering it now to you today for study. Hope, you will enjoy it too and be convinced we can study all our life. Formal or informal.
Is it only me who likes really a lot this story and this telling? Of course, I am Hungarian, and I had to hid from Nazis in Budapest, and at some time, I also lived, if only three years in America. Most important, I am a lifelong learner. Pathways learning is only one of my last prove of it.
There is always something new to learn!
Dig into Pathways, Paths and Levels, Projects and tasks.

Some can be used in a Toastmaster club, most can be used outside in work or home. In everyday life.

I just got to the project Importance of Time in one of my path. To Reflect to the Path I finished in another.

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