23 Sep 2018

My leadership style; her leadership style

Every day this week I gave a speech, told a story, hold a role. Most of it Online. Every day a meeting, every day doing something, finishing a project then my path. By Sunday, at Firebirds Collective, "nothing else remained" as my 5th path finished, the other paths waited for me to work more on the projects.

What remained was Level 2 my leadership style. The theme was travel, and I travelled through time and space, all the way to my childhood. Explaining, that I coached then lead from the bottom, from the background: that is my real style of leading.
Zooming together after club meeting

After the club meeting, I zoomed with my evaluator, the club's president, she opened my eye, guided me, and showed me how I should proceed to continue and finish my Pathways D.T.M. project!

Fabiola was not only a great sounding board, but she gave me energy and very good advices! Showed me how a great mentor can work. I Recorded part of the meeting and this picture is from the recording. 

An hour later, I begun earnestly my work to assemble my team, find a title, the target audience, a time.

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