16 Sep 2018

When we think we know

Level 2 : Mentoring Project, "I am a mentor!" I got that project! Really? 
"Did you speak about a time you were a mentee?"
"I mentor already three people!"

Alas, that is not what the project asks from you. After telling a lot about mentoring and the difference with helping people for a specific task, it ask us to remember a time someone else had mentored us. In work or in life. 
One book lead to the other : from More then Blended --> Design for how people Learn
Easy-speak has short descriptions that make us think when we are in a hurry that we know what we do, and fast go farther. It does not tell you either, that two projects between all those we can chose from, after the first required one, are enough at Level 3. Only one "Elective" is asked from us to complete at Level 4 as all those take a lot if time, even if they have very short speech after them. 

We understand, with time, and reading a few times or reading very carefully the projects in the BASECAMP, not elsewhere a short description of it, the huge difference that is between a SPEECH and a Project. We grow when we do a project, we do not work only to give a speech. Yes, we do learn also to speak better on the way, but we learn so much more.

On the other hand, we can learn more through Google and even more from books that complement our understanding, knowledge, and later hopefully our skill to do better.

The stunning understanding, while trying to understand better how Pathways was created and why, and in which way the user interface can be made better, that some I have learned, does apply to writing a blog, this blog even! As one book lead to the other, and will speak about it another time. Soon! 

The first I become more aware of now, is this blog easy to read?

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