27 Sep 2018

What is a story?

This morning, at our Witty Story Online meeting, I introduced the Pathways Storyswap Online to our club members and we decided to held one the 11th October inside our club: many decided to participate. Any of you is invited to come to our club then.

Then one of our new members asked me "what is a story?" 
Here is a short simple answer to it. 

We do tell personal stories and each of us experienced differently pathways: we will tell the story of it to each other! Then, we realized, chatting after the meeting, that each of us has more then one story, more then one pathways story to swap with each other! 
We will tell it to different audiences and in different setting, then gather all together and offer them to many to give courage: they can also do it and growing through Pathways Project. 

It does need of course Persistence when (not if) problems arise. But with out challenge, no grow and no stories!

Here Helen, one of our great storytellers. Graham took us with him through the travels of a woman 200 hundred years ago. I felt if I was on that ship with the sea revolting!
Gallery view that I could not save this time, only Speaker view was saved
Beside our members, we had two guests this time, here is one very happy to be with us. Both guests were asked to answer Table Topics Questions by "M" Magda, and even as her computer is still in repair, Michelle was a great General Evaluator through of use of wonderful voice variety. 
Our very happy guest - alas I snapped when her eyes closed for an instant but her smile remained
What IS a Story? We all experienced stories all our lives, yet the questions arrises again and again. My answer in the video is very short and I will have to speak more about. I have three books I offer to read to all, I have given workshops, in all stories makes us live in the moment that it is happening and we are swept away by them "what next"? They make us fear and enjoy and leave us satisfied at the end. 

Unresolved stories are too sad, for those who listen to us and for us. A story tells a message and strong one but in very subtle way, no one has to tell "I will tell you" or "I told you" at the beginning or the end. The most important thing is embedded in the story and the hero change and journey through adventures on his or her path. 

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