9 Sep 2018

By June 2017 I found my voice

Yesterday I spend a hours, reviewing my June 2017 posts one by one. What a joy! By 7 June, a month of blogging, I found my voice, and from then on, reading the varied blog posts become a pleasure.
First blurred by more and more the flower or voice tangible
1st June 2017: Using your voice : will be very useful to me again as I prepare a podcast
5 June: Writing about my older blogs
7 June 2017: One month blogging; Task done
8 June: Mistaken Identity video; the story when my life changed. In the story and when I told it
9 June: The Old, Present and New Program
10 June: Pathways and Online TM winning
13 June: Audience stats, then about blogs
17 June: My 4 preferred paths (then)
21 June: Let them pop up! 
22 June: About 3 types of TM clubs
23 June: Preparing for Moderating a Panel through Google search

25 June 2017: Celebrating three month since I begun Pathways
29 June: Triple Crown! Finished level 3 of Visionary Communication
30 June: The Printed Manuals L1 and L2 arrived! (ordered and paid mid April)

Another June post, funny, authentic and interesting: "This time it worked"
When I gave my story the second time and it did improve. This is the beginning of the post on the left. On the right, already yesterday's visit numbers. Beginning of June it was 1777 and I was proud of all those entries. Soon, it will be 77,777 but that arrived through writing a post each day, from May 2017 to today. It took almost a month, to find my voice for this Blog, but by June last year it arrived.

I will continue reading each day a month worth of posts, but will write about it only every other day. New things arrive and variety is more interesting.

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I so appreciate the tool you have created and it has been so helpful. Thank you.